An advisor has been brought up with the idea of thinking about future business growth.

We may say that this mutual fund software a guide to provide unbiased data management for independent distributors/individual financial advisor. In this software, you will be able to see anything from new to old investment, software going to be more user-friendly and it will be like a helping hand to any financial advisor and it will behave just like as our home maker to manage everything in home. Any software becomes the best one when it is comprised of all new technologies latest updates and its service part the obvious need for any distributor, here are some points to highlight our well experience tech support team-

  • Their availability to provide a quick solution at 1 call so that you not have to face adverse condition in front of client.
  • The regular follow ups for your feedback as well queries that resolve asap or not.
  • There is always an alternative there so that in case your technical executive not available he or she can help you at that time.

There is much to look forward about this wealth management software in India called mutual fund software . As per latest update of July month the number of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) accounts added in the Jan-Jun 2018 rises by 60% and this could be a golden opportunity for any IFA to increase his AUM and make clients. If you are using this software then it will be a complete solution for you as well as for your investors. As not necessarily the investor having Mutual fund asset but they may have other investments too. Here our after sales team will help you as well help your clients to maintain all the assets, where the mutual fund data will be directly updated as your scheduled files will be sync directly to software and get uploaded daily but for remaining assets maintenance our tech support team will help you to feed the other data too on same online platform.

Summary – This is where comes to the lime light because we provide you an affordable & simple-to-use cloud based desktop / mobile solution for mutual fund database management, which you may use securely and safely at any place any time.

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