Mutual Fund Software on Mobile app


Mutual Fund Software on Mobile app

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  • September 24, 2017
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Nowadays peoples are crawling towards the smart phone rather than the computers, and as the result, the rate of the investors who are using smart phones for their trading or trading performance is growing rapidly since the passing years. According to the Economic Times, on the NSE, over the past year, the turnover of the mobile phone transaction of stock exchange increase by nearly 130% from Rs 50,800 in August 2014 to Rs. 116,186 crore in August 2015, and on the basis of expert’s analysis, the growth rate of Mutual fund data increased with the same rapid speed and the data is growing higher and higher in past two years. This data shows that for performing the trading transaction and looking their reports, investors prefer the mobile app instead of the computer and sooner or later advisors will have to provide Mutual Fund Mobile App to the investor.

Key Features

Become first to reach the investors

Reach the investor with the comprehensive mobile app before your competitor and become the first one to provide them the exclusive service in their smart phone on the time with several features.

Best-suited source for any advisory growth

This Mutual Fund Mobile App created with the thought of the modern technology and the possible problems, advisors have to face currently or in the future, in their profession, are the best-suited sources for any advisory business stability and growth.

The vast one in a little device

Provide the vast and advanced software in the little device of your client, so that they can access it anytime anywhere by just a few movements of their fingers on their mobile, according to their comfort.

A Direct approach for the trade

It’s a Mobile App which is integrated with the India’s leading online trading exchange platform which provides the investors a facility to perform their mutual fund trading transaction within the 30 seconds with highly advanced technology features.

Hold grip on your customer

For the customers, demanding the mobile app is completely normal and if you won’t able to fulfill that demand then they will move to your competitor, so before this happens, provide your customer a customized Mobile App.