Online Mutual Fund Buy/Sell Integration


Online Mutual Fund Buy/Sell Integration

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  • August 20, 2017
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An outstanding adviser is not born from the start, his resources and his decision makes him outstanding For instance, it’s normal for the investor to face the problems while performing the indirect online exchange trading transactions, such as like- high brokerage, the time-consuming process, but the deed that converts a consultant into the outstanding adviser is, to provide the investors the ways for surpassing those problems. Therefore Mutual Fund Software offers a Mutual Fund Software that contains the innovative BSE & NSE integration which is fully capable to provide this way to the customers.

Key Features

New Fund Offer (NFO)

With the New FUND Offer, an advisor can easily offer their client the exclusive range offers of mutual fund schemes every day and help them to make a deal with those offers for the better return.

A Developed Platform for the Trading Transactions

Having the direct platform for the online buying selling transaction is sure is a huge help for any investor, physically and mentally. Therefore, Mutual Fund Software provides a developed platform for the trading transaction, so that you can offer it to them, and release them from their mantle stress.

Bulk on Boarding

Is too bothersome to perform the process of every client individually but with the feature of bulk on boarding you can register clients on the BSE as well as in the software, in the bulk, without going through the same process with several times, for each and every client.

Earn the Clients

Your client is most important factor for the growth of your advisory business, and satisfied them with your fullest is your undeniable duty, and with the enable or disable on client desk feature, an advisor can earn the client easily and completely able to fulfill this duty, and can make themselves a famous brand among the mutual fund’s advisory business.

Other Deluxe features

This Integration of the software with BSE & NSE helps advisor to do SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), STP (Systematic Transfer Plan), SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan), Switch on behalf of the customer.